Monday, March 16, 2009

More from Opening Day

Please be sure to check here for pictures of the show.

Thanks to Boae Kim for generously contributing the blueberry scones for the opening.

Today is the first day of a four week long run for "Travels with Wally" by Ms. Sabina Nieto. The opening of the show also marks the grand opening of mauve?, and the occasion has been met with much celebration. Here's some more info about the show. If you have questions or would like to submit a review, contact us at

“Travels with Wally”

An American rambling: landscape, cinema, and circus

The trailer is a symbol for being on the move, both self-conscious dislocation and a compacting of one life to tour; it seeks out discovery while piecing together a panorama that references geography, the physical, and the quixotic.

Here, collage formats images from the “idea world” and is borrowed as a point of design departure for pursuing filmmaking, objects d’art, and drawings.

Sabina Nieto is a California native and a “space detective” having design-built small architecture, films, and graphics throughout California, Alabama, and Bilbao, Spain.

April 9th, her most recent film short “How to Dig a Hole” screens at the Pacific Film Archive.

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