Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Opening Day update - Sit and Spin

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"Sit and Spin" opened today, and the crowd, filled with expectation and anticipation, approved. Here's an introduction to the show, from the artist:

When I was younger, I lived in Oakland with friends. A package came to our house, addressed to no one we knew. It sat for a month or two. We did not manage the arduous task of placing it outside for our mail carrier to take back. One night, I opened it. Inside the package was a birthday present from a father to his daughter, a playskool Sit and Spin. We gleaned from the card the father had not seen the daughter in years. It made us feel awful.

We displayed the card over our fireplace and used the sit and spin. Our friend would came over with her daughter sometimes and she used it while we got intoxicated.

The birthday cards are to my daughter I will lose because I opened that package.

As always, we'll be posting more pieces from the show as well as responses and reviews over the coming weeks. Stay tuned.

This is John Rosenberg’s first art installation. His play Jericho Road Improvement Association is being produced this June at the Phoenix Theater in San Francisco. For more information, see http://www.hellafreshtheatre.com/

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  1. I like the birthday cards. but reading the Elmo one made me sad that Glenn's daughter didn't get it.