Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Opening Day - Strategic Alternative Payback Plan

"Strategic Alternative Payback Plan" opened to rave reviews today. The show definitely started some debates around the building, with the purposeful creation of office ephemera a popular conversation starter. Here is more information about the show:

In a generous show of transparency, The Stanhope Centre for Transcendental Studies is pleased to release selected documents regarding our current activities and ongoing campaigns. The United States of America's historic levels of economic disparity coupled with massive insolvent banks being propped up by taxpayer dollars is fueling a populist anger across ideologies. The upper classes are nervous and need reassurance. In these troubled times, they need someone to turn to, someone to trust, to ensure that society doesn’t go into upheaval and the status quo is maintained. These documents will show (in a general sense) some of the multiple ways we will be working towards the goal of providing the elite class the security they need to survive. They may also show the potential outcomes of not making the necessary, but difficult, decisions.

You can hire a team of bodyguards for the rest of your life, or you can hire The Stanhope Centre for Transcendental Studies for a few years. This won't be easy, but we trust your judgement. Thank you.

More images, and artist bios, below:

About the artists:

William Calabrese came to the Stanhope Centre in 2008 to manage the Open Air Initiative for Increased Transparency and Digital Transition called for by the board to rebrand the organization for a new era. He is currently chairing the Campaign Committee for Summer 2009. He has an extensive background in fundraising, campaign organizing, and spiritual market manipulation.

Harish Bhandari serves as the Chief Appropriation Officer at the Centre for Transcendental Studies. His work often involves sensitive information, and as such, he does not authorize any further information to be disclosed at this time.

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  1. "spiritual market manipulation" That's great, tell me more or better yet sign me up!