Sunday, July 5, 2009

Mauve? presents: a Southern Letterpress Sample

With commemorative letterpress posters for sale: $10.
(All proceeds go directly to the artists.)

About the artists:
Make Tank is a multi-disciplinary design collective formed by the collaboration between Mark Wise and Danny Wicke. Make Tank is founded on the idea that learning comes through making and making generates ideas. The collaboration began at the Auburn University Rural Studio in Newbern, AL -- a design|build architecture program in West Alabama that both Mark and Danny attended. In nearby Akron, AL, Mark began learning letterpress printing from Amos Paul Kennedy Jr. Amos generously provided materials and time to teach Mark letterpress. Danny joined Mark a year later and thus began the collaborative adventure.

Mark has taught at the Rural Studio, worked for Marlon Blackwell in Fayetteville, AK, and currently teaches architecture at Mississippi State University.

Danny continues to teach at the Rural Studio, both thesis students and Outreach Fellows.

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