Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Opening Day - Earth Works by Colectivo BolaExtra

"Earth Works: Interventions in the Landscape, Documented" opened today to crowds that grew as the day wore on. Among them was our youngest ever visitor, a six-week old who, through her mother, called the work "beautiful." Even a few accidental visitors expressed appreciation at having wandered in on this particular day.

More about the show:

Colectivo BolaExtra exposes their interventions in the landscape. Their work in the environment with the elements of a specific space generates a new look at natural space. The inert comes to life. Life is manipulated to generate a moment, a humanized space. The earth work is solidified in photographs and will be anonymous for aleatoric future "enjoyers".

And an introduction to Colectivo BolaExtra

BolaExtra is a multidisciplinary group of friends: artists, architects, landscape architects, engineers... They come from different towns in the Basque Country. Established 5 years ago, the collective meets intermittently in their natural surroundings to act as Nature Agents, playing in their escape from the city.

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