Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Opening Day - Signs: Neon Nostalgia

"Signs: Neon Nostalgia" opened today, and the crowd was delighted at the lovely watercolors and the accompanying personal memories evoked by the familiar signs from their own pasts.

More about the show:

These paintings include images which are familiar to residents of Baltimore, MD, Chicago, IL, Greensboro, AL, and Seattle, WA. In completing the first painting in the collection: Domino Sugar Factory, Baltimore, MD, I had an overwhelming sense of nostalgia about the image and the city of Baltimore, a former home. This sense of nostalgia made the painting feel highly personal and was the catalyst for paintings of other familiar images from places where I have resided or visited in the recent past.

A self-introduction from the artist, Jane Sloss:

I am a Chicago-based architect and sometimes watercolor painter. In addition to the pure pleasure and meditative qualities of painting, it offers an opportunity to chart our course through life, our interests, our evolving abilities, and in some cases our physical travels. I began painting during a year of architectural study in Italy and delighted in recording places during this period. This small collection of recent work reflects my continued interest in recording the iconographic images of the places where I live and visit.

Miss Sloss's work will be displayed at the "Edgewater GRalley" street festival in Chicago on September 19th and 20th.

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