Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Opening Day: Curve˚

"Curve˚: an exploration of lateral deviance" opened today, to a well-dressed crowd gaping as they considered crookedness.

About the show:

Not entirely dissimilar to the ways in which most great masterpieces are born, the inspiration for this project sprang from a crude diagram penned onto a slightly soiled white paper napkin while dining with a friend in a cafe a few months back. While admittedly, I have drawn several identical diagrams in the past, this one ended up on his fridge and became quite the conversation piece.

I am interested in trying to rationalize a deeply painful emotional experience that revolves around my life with scoliosis. It is not the physical pain, but rather the skeletal architecture over which I am prone to obsess. This rib cage deformity is what I seek to understand. For several years I hid inside this crooked cage, stepping out has come only in time, with age. The resulting visual narrative, inspired by the curve and lateral rotation of my spine, is one way in which I seek to document the evolving relationship between my mind, and the abnormal physicality resulting from my (dextro)scoliosis. In my search for answers, I find many clues along the way, some of which I share here with you today.

a work in progression.
*every day I forget, every day I remember

About the Artist:

D.O.B.: 4/17/1986
Hometown: 34.436N. -119.631W. Elevation: sea to mountain top (+/- 318ft.)
Intriguing facts: identical twin, auntie, lover of books, cooks, maps, animals, secret forts, small knick-knacks, cardamom, farms and the sweet smell of horses. Retired tennis player, ever in search of the perfect writing implement and surface plane.
Secrets: yes, a few.
Hobbies: reading, playing, cooking, smelling, loving, searching, looking, making, sleeping, doing, tinkering, seeing, helping, learning, sharing.
Song: The Crooked Spine- M.Ward


  1. Crooked--but not TOO crooked...!

    Bravo, Jana!

    Tony Dubovsky

  2. There is much beauty and intrigue in the extraordinary. Such is your curve.

  3. Hi, from P Bear,

    Maybe you can help others with this experience & interesting outlook

    Love you