Sunday, November 22, 2009

Opening Day: Dancing with God

"Dancing with God" opened today, prompting some visitors to consider the nature of their own interactions with the divine. Others were inspired to dance. Please click here to see the show online, or email us if you'd like to visit in person.

About the show:
My most intimate experiences with the divine have come to me while dancing and making art. In this work-in-progress series of mystical self-portraits, I aim to capture the moment of sacred union in all its complexity, humor, and beauty. The series includes the gods of my family (Jewish, Catholic, and Japanese Buddhist) as well as other deities whom I've been honored to cavort with along the way. On display here are three completed acrylic paintings along with the pen and ink studies of each of the six concepts in the series. By including the sketches I invite the viewer to witness the process of transformation from dance to vision to dancing vision.

About the artist:
Rosalie Z Fanshel is a painter, textile artist, and freelance illustrator based in Berkeley. She also works part-time at UC Berkeley’s Institute of East Asian Studies and is pleased to share her artwork with the UC community. After fifteen years of serious dance training, Rosalie currently gets her kicks—with god and girls—at the Sundance Saloon for same-sex country-western dancing.

Concurrent work:

Miss Fanshel will be selling letter pressed holiday cards at the Berkeley Farmers' Markets Holiday Crafts Fair on Saturdays December 5 and 12 at Center Street and MLK. She also has an illustration featured on the cover of the current copy of the local foods magazine Edible East Bay.

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