Monday, January 11, 2010

Opening Day - "Photographs" by Lucky BK

"Photographs" by Lucky BK opened at the mauve? Gallery today, greeting office visitors back from extended holidays with stunning prints. Visitors commented on the colors and thoughfulness of the photos.

About the show:
The photographs in this collection are culled from a few years of shutter clicks that were looking for inherent potential, wondering, not knowing, seeking and finding the salient details of life--documenting the decisive moment.

The collection also represents two very different modes of
documentation for me. The woman pictures are part of a larger series that was a collaboration, with a dear friend and artist (Sepideh Makabi), that was concerned with documenting the dialogue between what is on or off stage, and how that determines what is seen.The other images were taken in passing over a few years and are a few brief pieces of my visual memory.

About the artist:
I was born in Paris, France on the 27th of December in Nineteen Eighty Six. In the Nineteen Eighties I learned to stand, walk, run, read and talk. In the Nineteen Nineties I learned to play baseball, how to use sarcasm and the intenet. In the Two Thousand Aughts I learned how to educate myself and how to see the great outdoors. I have always known great warmth, security, family and a great lattice of friendships that I have loved dearly.

- Lucky BK

Photographs from the show are available for sale.
20" x 20" photographs are $100. Smaller photographs are $50.
Please inquire with the gallery.


  1. The Lucky BK show looks cool. How can I see more pictures? Is there a price list?

  2. Hello, and thanks for your interest! We'll be posting two or three images from the show every week, so keep visiting or bookmark this page to see more pictures. You can also arrange to visit in person. To do that, email us at

    As for purchasing any of the pieces you see, go ahead and email that same address and we can go over the details. Thanks!