Monday, March 1, 2010

Opening Day: "The Application"

Karamjit Birk’s “The Application” has been submitted today to mauve? with an open invitation for public participation. This strip of spreadsheets is in fact an application to design with Colors magazine. Miss Birk extends the opportunity here to the viewer to react to graphic prompts for storytelling.

This exercise will not be timed. Please take your time.

About the artist, in 90 words:

1983. born in Preston, England. Lived in a small house with a blue door.
1988. moved to Montreal, Canada. Learned how to forecast the weather in French.
1990. moved to Brampton, Canada. Walked home for lunch every day.
1996. moved to Mississauga, Canada. Painted my bedroom bright green.
2006. moved to Alabama, America. Worked on a house.
2007. moved back to Mississauga, Canada. Graduated with a B.A. in Architecture.
2008. moved to Halifax, Canada. Began a Bachelor of Environmental Design.
2010. moving from Halifax, Canada to ?. Quit Architecture school.

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