Monday, February 1, 2010

Opening Day: "for places i've been before"

thuy tran's 'for places i've been before' opened today at mauve? Gallery, presenting two very personal portals of archived tiny objects--brilliant in color, evocative in texture. Passersby took inventory of these intricate worlds, looking closely and carefully.

About the show:
"for places i've been before" is a series of Offerings composed of collected ephemera. the show was inspired by a recent visit the artist made to Viet Nam, her homeland. Working with fragments and mundane, often discarded materials, the Offerings from "for places i've been before" create unexpected, bold, playful, confusing, and ironic juxtapositions that pay homage to all the places that we've been before.

About the artist:
thuy tran is a lover, seeker, dreamer, artist, and Bay Area native of Vietnamese descent. Gifted with a love for making things, she aspires to be a channel for beauty and expression. she lives in Oakland, works as a seamstress, and is constantly looking for ways to embody full creativity.

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