Monday, April 26, 2010

Opening Day - "How to thrive when the world is against you"

Amal Mongia's "How to thrive when the world is against you" opened today, and early visitors to the gallery were wowed by the vivid landscapes and the intimate documentary pieces, commenting that the photographer seems to "capture the essence" of his subject. As ever, please contact mauve? Gallery if you'd like to arrange a visit, and visit the website often as we post images from the show.

About the show

Cities can be vast, chaotic, overwhelming places where solitude can be hard to achieve. In my landscape series, I chose to isolate lone subjects to evoke a feeling of solitary anonymity.

The anonymity of cities also produces a fascination with nameless strangers who we see on the streets. In my series on 'Johnny Geetar' I focus in on one of these nameless strangers that I see on the street and give him some familiarity to viewers.

About the artist

Amal Mongia works full time as a social worker in the Tenderloin,SOMA and Mission districts of San Francisco with the elderly and disabled. He is featured in the first issue of Moholy Ground Magazine (the New Journal of Photography), and exhibits at Harvey Milk Community Center, 111 Minna, and Kearny Street Workshop's annual APAture Festival. Currently, he is working on a long term project documenting single resident occupancy (SRO) hotel tenants in SF. He likes graphic novels, creative non-fiction, foreign films, motorcycles and rock climbing.

(Landscapes are for sale. Please inquire with mauve?.)

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  1. i'm so excited to be able to see this show when i'm in town!