Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Opening Day - "From Here to There"

Luca Antonucci's and Carissa Potter's "From Here to There" opened today, providing a private telescope through which passersby could study the distant stars without and the confessional cosmos within. This collaboration from Berlin to San Francisco is a study of personal translation. Contact us to see the show for yourself. And a reminder: we'll be hosting a public tour of the gallery and the show on November 19th at 7pm. We'd love for you to join us.

About the Show:
The photograph used in this exhibition is of the compact core of galaxy M87. The active galactic nuclei of this galaxy can only be observed by way of a gravitational lens effect, created by the gravitational field of stars in a galaxy near the light path. The obstruction of this light path allows the micro-lensing necessary to be able to see the more distant galaxy. If we think of the further galaxy and the light it emits as a signal being sent from the depths of space, it is only through the diluting of this signal that we can come to understand its source. Through these natural lenses we can come to understand the phenomena of observation.

This show represents a direct relationship between the production of printmaking, the office setting, and scientific observation. Through a unity of processes and a mechanical system of observation and production, we can start to see how significant the levels of representation are in all artistic endeavors. By repeating an image, filtering it, and sending it back and forth, we can start to understand, what the image represents under its surface.

The goal of the exercise is not the final result, but what we learn while traveling from here to there.

About the Artists:
Carissa met Luca when he was moving into his graduate studio across the hall from hers, fall 2008. After not too much thought, Carissa asked Luca to be featured in a video where she (carissa/I) told him that she liked him, without knowing anything about him. And it is true, there is something really charming about Luca, you would know if you met him. Dating didn't really work out for the two, however they became much better friends. Luca lives and works in Berlin, and has a Masters in New Genres from the San Francisco Art Institute. He is tall, a wonderful basketball player, and grew up in Marin. Carissa is a Minnesota native. She might not always be the best communicator, however with the help of Luca, she can get the job done.

For more information about Luca, visit his web site www.itwillbeok.com , and Carissa at www.carissapotter.com.

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