Monday, May 23, 2011

Opening Day - Magic Medicine

Today Magic Medicine opened, featuring a collection of sketches and folk assemblage inspired by musicians and movement from AfroCuban encounters. Dominic Alleluia roots himself in comfortably capturing the lively human form: faces drawn with bold line and caran d'ache color are pulled from the crowd of percussive performances. His found wood sculptures draw upon imagination, constructing a personal anthropomorphic zoolatry. These are some of the healing artifacts from the Alleluia mythology. The office audience shared their own talismans.

About the show:
These works are inspired by early modern period Africa, Cuban folkloric music and dance, as well as American Jazz. There is a short video compilation of these works used in a performance context.

About the artist:
Dominic Alleluia is a painter and interdisciplinary artist, born in New York City, who has lived in San Francisco since 1959.

For Alleluia's past work, visit:

Please feel free to set up a time to stop by and see the show.

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