Monday, January 9, 2012

Opening Day - Goldie Gallop's Chaos Destruction & Shovels Extravaganza

(detail of "Victory (Breaking Ground at Lonely Cactus)")

Alissa Polan's "Goldie Gaollop's Chaos Destruction & Shovels Extravaganza" opened today, and visitors took turns exploring and posing in a Goldie Gallop scene while delighting in Goldie's own adventures.

About the show:
Goldie Gallop is a new kind of Western heroine. She stands and poses. The pose becomes a photograph. The Wild West as we know it became popular for its gunslingers, heroes, villains and trail riders through believable storytellers, exhibitions, photographs and drawings. Later, Hollywood made the West infamous and synonymous with an elaborate fantasy that still resonates today.

Growing up in the shadows of Hollywood and the birthplace of the Wild West show- stopper identity I envisioned my own Wild West character for the contemporary city. Much like the Wild West, she would be bold, brave and adventurous. She would go through trials and tribulations. There will be drawings made about her escapades, photographs taken of her in her trailblazing outfits. The show is complete with a simulation of one of her scenes for exhibition goers to pose and participate.

I am interested in how narrative is created through fragments of photographic evidence and psychological context. This work focuses on story making through isolated surrealistic imagery and new kinds of product placement. Goldie Gallop’s Chaos, Destruction, & Shovels Extravaganza is promoting it’s own set of severed Western inspired moments that exist somewhere between action and pose, heroine, sell-out and fake by mixing up signals of the Wild West and the anti-west. I am promoting Goldie’s version, drawing parallels between her life and ours: lives that would be forgotten without validation, documentation and popularization.
About the artist:
Alissa Polan grew up in the suburbs of LA. She received her BFA in Painting/Sculpture from Sonoma State University in 2007. In 2011, she received her MFA in Sculpture from the San Francisco Art Institute. She has participated in exhibitions in New Orleans, California, Portland and throughout San Francisco. Alissa currently lives and works in San Francisco, CA.

More of Alissa Polan's work may be seen at:

This Friday, January 13th at 7 pm, join us at the Mauve? Office to meet Alissa Polan in person and to tour this frontierswoman's reclaimed Los Angelean desert.

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