Monday, October 8, 2012

Opening Day - Lining

Visitors to Mauve? today arrived to a scene of stitched paper scars, spherical sculpture, and moments of mauve both structural and floating, as the cubicle exhibition space was transformed into a less sterile environment ripe for exploration. Chelsea Pegram's "Lining: A Positive Re-Imagining" will be on view through November 4th.

About the show:

Chelsea Pegram complicates the notion of organic in her exhibition of new work at Mauve? Office of Exhibitions. Sculptures of plant and human-like forms recruit the formal elements of the cubicle to take on subjects of healing and growth. This disruption of the pacified, economical design, suggests that, despite the effort to advance human activity and labor, a new artificially natural, and therefore unpredictable, world exists. Through the work, a relationship is created between the spontaneous and persistent resilience of nature and the neutralized capitalist condition. At least for the duration of the exhibit, the native occupants, and visitors, will inhabit in this sensitized environment.

About the artist:

Chelsea Pegramʼs work employs the materiality of subject and form to investigate the role agency and curiosity play in the negotiation between our natural and industrialized worlds. Her sculptural work and installations have been exhibited around the Bay Area including the Sonoma State University Art Gallery, Swarm Gallery, and Pro Arts, with an upcoming show in the MFA Selections Exhibition at the di Rosa Gateway Gallery in February 2013. She graduated from Mills College with an MFA in Studio Art in 2011. Chelsea lives and works in Oakland, CA.

We'll be hosting a reception with the artist on Friday, October 19th, at 7pm, and hope to see you there!

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