Monday, June 21, 2010

Opening - "The Sun Won't Leave Me Alone"

Yueni Zhong's "The Sun Won't Leave Me Alone" opened today. Crowds were pleased with the timeliness -- introducing sun and shadow to the gallery on the day of the summer solstice -- as well as by the loveliness of the work. If you'd like to see it for yourself, please do not hesitate to contact us to arrange a viewing. And, as always, stay tuned here as we will be posting images from the show throughout the month.

About the show:
"The Sun Won't Leave Me Alone" is an installation marking the Summer Solstice, an event that may typically go unnoticed in the shadowless cubicle of Mauve?

The Solstice is a day when our shadows are the shortest in the year, giving us an impression that we can exist in the absence of our shadows and that such absence make us better workers. Through manufacturing shadows, "The Sun Won't Leave Me Alone," celebrates the fertility and virility brought by the interdependence of sun and shadow in order to counter the sterility of the sunless cubicle cosmology in shadowless office times. It will also prepare us for the coming of the Midsummer's Night, the beginning of the shadow half of the year when we watch our shadows grow.

About the artist:
Yueni Zhong is a graduate student in the History of Art department at UC Berkeley currently working on her dissertation on the material correspondence between the human body and cosmological bodies in transcosmological situations. To put her theory in practice, she is currently working on her next art piece, where she will tattoo each of the 64 hexagrams from the Yijing onto 64 people. This project intends to karmically link these 64 people by the way they choose their fortunes. If interested, please contact the curators of Mauve? for more information.

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