Friday, January 14, 2011

Projects Underway: Fund

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Mauve? Gallery is an art gallery that happens to live inside an office cubicle in Berkeley, California. We've been showing work by mostly local artists since March 2009 (each show exhibiting for one month’s time).

To celebrate our second anniversary, we are producing a commemorative print publication, “Mauve? Journal,” featuring essays and images from the last two years, as we gaze to the future.

The publication will be sized at 11" x 15", and we will be printing 1,000 copies locally to be shared at the Mauve? Gallery as well as 10 other storefronts.

We look to distribute this inaugural edition of what we hope will be a periodical, beginning with San Francisco and New York, as we cast our sites on such sister cities as Chicago and Tuscaloosa.

Through modest and not-for-profit fundraising efforts, our goal is to provide this journal for free so as to spread the fine and often secret making around town.
$10 - A copy of the publication mailed to you

$25 - An official letter, on Mauve? letterhead, answering a central question of Western philosophy, via statistics calculated by Mauve? co-founder and mathematician

$50 - A scheduled reading of your scars, via our practiced art of ouleimancy

$75 - A Yi-Jing tattoo, administered by past-exhibited Mauve? artist

$100 - An original love letter written by the Mauve? founders, made out to your dearest

$150 - An original art work, as donated by a collection of past-exhibited Mauve? artists

As our KickStarter page is underway, we will be inviting pledges toward our $1,200 goal before our fundraising deadline of February 25th passes.

We of course welcome and thank you for your continued kind support.

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